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Cryptocurrency Project

Cryptocurrency Project is a high-end trading analysis tool akin to “”. It offers extensive exchange support, multiple time-frames, and features like trade book, order book, footprint, and heatmap.

How It Works

Data from exchange web sockets is managed by numerous background workers. Our WebSocket clients stream vast amounts of data, which are immediately forked to calculation workers. 

These workers serialize the data and calculate chart data. We utilize MongoDB for chart data storage and MySql for user data. 

The project is built with .Net technologies, including Asp.Net Core for Web API, a custom authentication system, and a sophisticated caching system.

Windows Remote USB Over The Internet

Windows Remote USB Over The Internet is an innovative application that enables remote control and file sharing between a central admin computer and multiple client computers.

How It Works

The application enables remote access to client computers, allowing the admin computer to connect to and modify files on client USBs.

The admin panel serves as the command center for controlling client computers and accessing their USBs. File sharing is a breeze, with the ability to add and delete files on the client system. 

All these functionalities are powered by embedded programming, ensuring efficient hardware device control.

Cipher Purview Connector Windows Service

Cipher Purview Connector Windows Service is designed to streamline your workflow by efficiently managing job storage and execution.

Utilizing the robust .Net core v3.1 (LTS) worker service ensures that your jobs are handled smoothly and effectively. Credit for this project belongs to Cipher Data Solutions.

How It Works

The Cipher Purview Connector Windows Service operates by routinely checking the job’s storage. 

If a job is scheduled for the day, the service initiates it, ensuring that every job runs at most once per day. 

This process not only optimizes job execution but also provides a comprehensive tracking system for job executions.

Cannon Auto Trader

Cannon Auto Trader is a sophisticated Trading Bot designed for Gain Futures services. It’s equipped with unique logics, each with its own customizable options.

How It Works

The bot allows you to save and load logic options for future use. You can run multiple logics simultaneously, executing trades in the background. The bot gives you the flexibility to stop any running logic at your convenience.

Crafted using and Windows Forms, and utilizing the GFAPI package for trade execution, Cannon Auto Trader offers a seamless trading experience.

Best Buy Bot

Best Buy bot is a savvy bot designed to scrape specific categories from e-commerce platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface for managing the scraping process.

How It Works

Best Buy bot is a scraping bot that extracts data from websites, specifically tailored for Best Buy. Users can select desired categories for targeted data extraction. 

The bot allows users to set a pricing strategy for each category, enabling price range setting, price change monitoring, or pricing trend analysis. 

All these features can be controlled and monitored via the application’s GUI, providing a visual interface for easy management.

Machine Learning Project 

for a Real Estate Industry

Machine Learning Project is a unique blend of AI, machine learning, and real estate. It uses ML.Net and Google services to recognize a wide range of house models.

How It Works

The program trains its AI on different house models. Once trained, it searches Google Maps based on a user-specified house model and area. 

It finds houses matching the specifications and collects their information. The project involves image processing and data mining for a comprehensive real estate solution.

Albitech & Inspection Geni Websites

Albitech & Inspection Geni Websites are straightforward WordPress sites crafted using the Elementor tool.

How It Works

These websites feature a custom client-side search for the “Thread Table” page. This search functionality is built using JavaScript and its DOM manipulation feature, providing a user-friendly and efficient browsing experience.

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