Hire dedicated long-term developers

Flexible work times according to your availability

Long-term support for the products we deliver


Building windows, linux and mac applications

We are providing windows based application development service in a professional level. We have lots of experience in the field.

Building websites

According to your needs, we are providing any kind of website creation services to the customers. We can make special designs for you. We can make your website in any budget range.

Crawling, scraping and automated applications

We have implemented many automated applications such as bots for different websites, applications. We are involved with many technologies getting in use in such fields. We can collect any kind of data or make a manual job completely automatic.

Blockchain and CryptoCurrency

We had a chance to work on many cryptocurrency related projects. We have designed many automated trading tools, analyzing crypto market data projects and made the backend application which is a similar platform to tradinglight.

Artificial Intellegence

We have a deep knowledge of using machine learning methods to provide scientific and technical results. This includes image processing, data mining, NLP etc.

Building server side applications