Take a look at a brief review of our portfolio !

We have over 100 successful projects in our history, we have listed few of them randomly here for you. You can also take a look at the technologies we are using  at the end of the page

Cryptocurrency project

  Server-Side of a professional trading analisis tool like "tradingview.com". It supports many exchanges with its all symbols and many time-frames.
Among the capabilities of this project, I can name: trade book, order book, footprint, heatmap etc ...
For handling the data that streams from exchanges websocket we run many background workers.
We have many WebSocket clients that stream a huge amount of data. To avoid the accumulation of data they fork data immediately to calculation workers. In calculation workers first of all we serialize the data then we calculate chart data. We use MongoDB to store chart data and MySql for user data. For all part we used .Net technologies. For Web Api we used Asp.Net Core with costume athentication system, with complicated caching system. 

Windows remote usb over internet

   In this project we have implemented an application which can make file shares and control client computer from admin computer. Also is able to connect to client usbs in admin panel. We have used some embedded programming within this application.


Cipher Purview Connector windows service

 Cipher Purview Connector windows service: A windows service that checks the jobs storage and runs each job if that particular job should run today. Also ensures that at most every job runs once per day, and tracks jobs executions. Credit for this project belongs to Cipher data solutions. The technology that is used for this project is the .Net core v3.1 (LTS) worker service. 



Cannon auto trader

 This Trading Bot is for trading on Gain Futures services.Every logic has its own options depending on its algorythm.You can save the logic options and load it for later use.You can run multiple logics doing trades in the background, after running the logic you can stop it whenever you wanted.This trading bot has written by Csharp.net and Windows Forms and executing trades are done by using GFAPI package. 


Bestbuy Bot

Specify desired categories for the bot so that it scrapes only those categories.
Define a pricing strategy for each category, with edit, delete and duplicate options.
Control and monitor the bot via the application's GUI


Machine learning project for real state industry

   Machine learning project for real state industry using ML.Net and google services. including image processing, data mining etc.


Albitech website

 Albitech website: Simple WordPress website, this website is built using an elementor tool for WordPress. An important part of this website was to build a custom client-side search for the “Thread Table” page using JavaScript and its DOM manipulation feature. 


Inspection geni website

   Inspection Geni website: Simple WordPress, this website is built using elementor tool for WordPress. 

Technologies & platforms


Desktop applications
Web applications
 Mobile applications
 Server-based applications
 Windows services
 Automation applications
 AI/Machine learning
 Web services 

We employ a number of different technologies and concepts in our work, including:
C#, DotNet, DotnetCore, HTML/CSS, MSSqlServer, MySQL, NoSQL, WebServices, WebSockets, Redis, Machine learning, Web/Mobile development.